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Cautionary tales for female travelers

My Husband doesn’t quite get that Ii don’t like to go to bars alone- I doubt that any guy thinks twice about the possibility of being assaulted. Am I paranoid? No. Overly conscious about it? Maybe. But this article from today’s NY Times is a good reminder to be careful when traveling as a woman - especially alone. Read the State Dept alerts about the country you’re going to and use common sense. Safe travels!



Apps I like #13- magnify

This app cost .99 cents but I got it for free through appsgone free ( #12 !). If you are ahem over a certain age and need a magnifier with a flashlight to boot, this works pretty well!



From Budget Travel- Dirty Secrets of the Airlines

Myth busting and a scare-ometer in this article. Scariest secret- a baby could’ ve had a diaper change on your tray table. Gross!!! Their suggestion- bring wet wipes to wipe off the table and anything else you touch. ( I’m thinking seat belt buckles??)



How I pack- take 2 

Ok, you have your roll on carryon bag ready. You get another small carry-on- what should go in there? I take my zippered tote and carry valuables like jewelry ( or just wear it- so much easier), laptop or iPad, phone charger, purse, glasses and other small stuff I don’t want lost or broken, I carry a snack bar or 2- in case there’s no time to get a snack at the airport due to flight delays. I either wear or carry a scarf, sweater and pair of socks to keep me warm ( why is it always freezing on a plane?). A book, boarding pass and passport and I’m done.

Snapping Good Photos With Your Phone -

Apps to help you take photos with your phone! Add to your selfies or take a pic of someone else.



How I pack

Everyone has their own theory on packing and it will vary depending on the destination, reason and length of your trip. BUT my usual pattern is to make a list of things I don’t want to forget (obviously I’m a list maker) or throw them in your suitcase (carryon size!). I always leave my travel size toiletries in a quart size bag -ready to throw in when it’s time to go. Plan your wardrobe using wardrobe combos that will mix and match well ( use Pinterest for ideas on what to pack to do this). Try rolling clothes to make them fit and minimize wrinkles. Put shoes in bags to keep clothes clean and pack them at the bottom of your bag. That’s it! Next post- what goes in my small carryon. Bet you can’t wait.



Travel tip #89 Kitchen utensils as souvenirs

Like to cook? Have too many kitschy souvenirs? Combine these 2 random thoughts and look for unusual kitchen utensils or gadgets that are special to your destination. In Amsterdam I buy eetlepels ( aka demitasse spoons) that I use for all sorts of things at home ( never for expresso though :(). Japan, vegetable peelers, a ladle in Munich. Troll the aisles in supermarkets to find common utensils at good prices. These souvenirs will be functional and remind you of your trip every time you use them. While youre at the market, buy some interesting local food too!



Hunting for the Best Carry-On Bag -

If your looking for a new carry on bag, try reading this NY Times article first.



Bird Sanctuary near south end of Fort Myers Beach



Travel Tip #88- Fan the fire

When I was in Spain, it was hot so there I was trying to fan myself with whatever brochure I had in my hand. Simple and great thing the Spanish ladies carry in their purses- a fold up fan (elegantly carved of course). Me, I got a cheap paper fan that folds up and now carry it with me when the weather’s right.